Find Out How Psychic Attunement Will Improve Your Dream Life

When I first discovered and used the Psychic Attunement procedure in mid 2009, my own dream recalled jumped from 55 per month to 90 per month overnight. It has remained at this higher level for over two years. Tests on 50 other people show that it gives highly positive results for about 50% of those who use it consistently. Increases in dream recall of 100% are not unusual. So why not try this simple three part procedure and see the results in your own life.

1. Wear an acupuncture seed over a psychic point on your chin every night
2. Remove the seed during the day
3. Keep records of your dream recall for a period of 30 days

If interested, send me an e-mail giving me your postal mailing address. I will send you a complete one page instruction sheet. The first 200 people to volunteer for this evaluation will also receive a free set of the acupuncture seeds needed to complete the trial period. E-mail for enrollment is

Development and Testing of Psychic Attunement

Introduction to Dream Recall –
Walt Stover worked professionally as a scientist in research and product development for two Fortune 500 companies. In 1978, he discovered the Edgar Cayce organization in Virginia Beach, VA and began a long term continuing study and application of dreams to real life situations. In 2001, he received a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University and wrote a thesis on dreams. He now has over 20,000 dreams in his own journals and has published ten magazine articles on dreams. His book – “Dreams – My Lamp Unto the Darkness” was published in 2007.

When first starting dream work in 1987, my dream recall averaged just 4 – 5 dreams per month. That has dramatically expanded over the years and I now have 90 dreams per months. Twelve of my most successful methods are featured in my book and are summarized on Page 2 of this web site. My newest and most highly productive method is called “Psychic Attunement” and is described in detail below. You are invited to sign up and learn how to apply this method in your own life now.


In 2007, I began experiments using a variety of methods that have led to a procedure I call Psychic Attunement that has dramatically improved by overall dream recall from 56 to 90 per month over the past two years. My test procedures mainly focused on acupuncture methods using several approaches. My first treatments were performed at an acupuncture clinic and quickly showed me that I got definite psychic messages during each treatment. The messages wee temporary in nature and stopped about twenty minutes after the treatment ended. Later in 2007, I altered the treatments to include a psychic acupuncture point located near the tip of the chin. The psychic nature of this point (Ren 24) is based on ancient wisdom methodology and is rarely reported in contemporary literature. In August, 2009, I began stimulating that chin point continuously at night to see how it would affect my dream life. This can be done by using very tiny beads called acupuncture seeds or ear seeds. This very small bead is pasted to the desired point with adhesive tape and allowed to remain in place for much longer periods of time. These seeds do not create any immediate messages. When left in place overnight, they altered my dream response in a highly positive direction. I immediately had a big jump in my dream recall and for the next three months (Aug – Oct, 2009) averaged 95 dreams per month which is 70% above my normal level. I have now been using this technique for two years and continue to average 90 dreams per month for this entire period.

Testing With Other Small Groups

Starting in late 2009, I have evaluated this seeds dream recall procedure with four small test groups totaling about 50 people with very interesting results. Approximately 50% of the participants showed positive results with many showing 100% increases in dream recall. One lady who was having only three dreams per month jumped to 10 per month in the first thirty days. She later increased to 30 per month after a period of one year. Another participant had her dreams from one per night to 4 – 5 per night. Other participants reported more vivid or lucid dreams or visions. Approximately 50% reported no change in their dream activity during the test period.

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